Thursday, June 2, 2011

F3 to M7 Link

As part of a growing chorus of protest against Wayne Swan's budget dumping of the F3 to M7 link, is this letter to The Advocate:

Dear Sir,

Some facts which need to be stated are that the Sydney Orbital was completed when the M7 met the M2.
The link is between the Orbital and the F3.  The data on which the SKM report for the study was based is now almost 10 years old.  The F3 will be at capacity by about 2016, so funnelling (tunnelling) traffic on the present
route will be futile. The western option as the Pearlman Report named the Review of the F3 to M7 Corridor selection (August 2007) finished with the statement  "a Type C corridor be planned now". ie. the 20 km shorter M7 to Kariong  link. This would be easier and quicker to construct and provide a second Hawkesbury crossing. Getting the interstate trucks on this route would help alleviate the Central Coast traffic as well as Pennant Hills Rd.

Marcia Horvai
President Pennant Hills Civic Trust

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