Sunday, June 5, 2011

Development Applications and non compliance with conditions of consent

The Trust has been successful in bringing to  Council’s attention a breach of a condition that was part of a Development Consent issued by Council.  A local resident was concerned that there was a breach by the builder and he contacted Council.  As the development was being managed by a private certifier and not by Council staff, the resident was told by council to contact the private certifier. When the resident couldn’t get any assistance from the private certifier the resident contacted the Trust.  The builder has now been fined and has been requested to attend to the breach.

It is quite common for developments, such as new houses and extensions, to be supervised by a private certifier and not directly by Council.  Even so council remains the consent authority and is ultimately responsible for the final construction certificate that legally certifies that the development has been correctly built.

Thanks go to our C Ward Councillor Michael Hutchence who enlisted the help of Council staff.  This is important for all residents because if a house has not been correctly built and over time problems develop, and the private certifier has gone out of business, don’t complain to Council.  So be vigilant and if, for an obvious example, a tree is cut down and was clear of any construction then contact the Trust or Council.

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