Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spoil Trucks from NorthConnex

An article by Bill Aitken in the Monthly Chronicle discusses the potential for big problems with the spoil to be excavated from the NorthConnex tunnel under Pennant Hills Road.  Present plan is to remove it through Wilson Road and Lock Maree Avenue, with an estimated 1500 trucks a day.

What seems disconcerting is that, apparently at present there is no planned destination for the 2.5 million cubic metres of soil and rock that will be removed!  This seems such a major issue that it would be surprising if no firm plan exists!

Using Wilson Road would work with trucks taking the spoil off to the east or north, turning left onto Pennant Hills Road and returning around Observatory Park and then left off Pennant Hills Road.  But if the trucks have to go west or south that could involve them trying to cross the three lane traffic to turn right around Observatory Park - definitely NOT a viable option!

Answers please, NorthConnex!

Meanwhile, did you know about the huge Tunnel Support facility being planned for the space between Pennant Hills Road and Killaloe Avenue, west of Wilson Road?  Read about it at

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