Monday, August 25, 2014

Health Issues of NorthConnex

You are encouraged to attend an independent forum, presented by the medical and scientific community, on The Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Relation to the NorthConnex project.

Invites have been extended to Premier Mike Baird, Barry O'Farrell and other representatives to attend and find out how this unfiltered stack will affect their voters. Feel free to also put pressure on all of our representatives to attend and to get involved on our behalf - links are available on our website

Thursday 4th September from 7-9pm

Leslie Hall, Barker College High School, Pacific Highway, Horsnby

Parking onsite, under tennis court, cnr. Clarke & Unwin Rd (behind Hornsby McDonalds & directly opposite the High School)  
Speakers will include:

·  Fiona Davies, CEO The Australian Medical Association

·  Michele Goldman, CEO The Asthma Foundation of NSW

·  Professor Stephen Leeder, Professor emeritus in public health and community medicine, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney.

·  Dr Richard Chard, Head of cardio-thoracic Surgery and an Associate Professor at UNSW.

Experts will present a vast body of medical research showing increased heart disease, cancer, stroke, breathing problems and reduced lung growth in children. They will address the claims by NorthConnex that the 9km of pollution will simply be “blown away” by the stacks using meteorological information and data for both the northern and southern ends of the tunnel.

For your information, the South end frequently has little to no discernible breeze during the morning peak hour period. The plume of pollution will undoubtedly fall on houses within the 1km circle shown in the EIS. On 24th August 2014 there was no wind around the proposed location of the southern portal until9am and what wind there was came from the West. Wind speed of less than 2m/sec (ie about 8km/hour) is not considered sufficient to disperse pollution from the stack. Only a very few gusts on 24th August 2014 were in excess of 8kph.

There is no doubt as to the health consequences of particulate matter. There is no doubt as to the concentrations which will be reached in the tunnel during busy periods. There is no doubt there are sustained periods of still air around the tunnel exits during peak hour periods . . . and it is proven, both medically and scientifically, that diesel emissions are carcinogenic. Are you willing to do nothing and to be exposed to cancer causing emissions when there ARE alternatives available?

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