Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ETTT Meeting with the BCCT Committee

Three representatives of the ETTT attended before last night's BCCT committee meeting and the following issues were discussed.
  1. Trust is very concerned by ETTT’s recent extreme tree and habitat clearance along rail corridor;
  2. Trust Arborist presented ETTT reps with professional report on how to save historic 100 year old Bunya pines opposite Beecroft Station
  3. Need for an Arborist to be part of ETTT team
  4. Trust Architect noted it is also essential to avoid the shotcrete walls – like that South of Eastwood Station
  5. Shotcrete walls are subject to graffiti – gabion walls are not
  6. Gabion walls would save long term maintenance
  7. Trust Doctor noted need for integrity of process to be transparent, engaged and environmentally-cognisant
  8. Trust Architect and Arborist pointed to suitability of gabion walling to preserve above pines (recent example RTA at Wentworth Falls – road and rail)
  9. One metre clearance from catch drain on walls could be obviated by gabion walling in station precinct
  10. James is being assailed by NTTAG misinformation
  11. No Beecroft lift proposed – new ‘old bricks’ wing walls at western end of pedestrian underpass at Beecroft Station
  12. Trust Architect requested definite lines of fencing along the section of work between Copeland Road and Chapman Avenue
  13. Fence planting of vines like Kennedia (Tennis Club)
  14. Trust to take photos of playground in use by locals
  15. Engineering design / AECOM urban design team – under ETTT supervision
  16. April 2013 consultations undertook to respect the cultural plantings
  17. Sydney Blue-gum high forest offset plantings – to be finalised 12 months after Office of Env & Heritage approval – website has Bio-baking ratios.
  18. Hornsby Shire Council is yet to look at local sites for Bio-banking
  19. Electrical stanchions [1500vDC] will not impact wall and environment set-backs
  20. How to better address notable recent loss of vegetation and its effective restoration
  21. Site management has been severely lacking – the ETTT Lawson team should enhance restoration
  22. Revamped Wongala Crescent car-park needs to be IN at top and OUT at bottom for better local traffic flows
  23. Trust Doctor provided a report to the ETTT team on the local habitat of the rare and endangered Gang-Gang cockatoo.
  24. Beecroft Cheltenham History Group website is www.bchg.org.au

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