Monday, October 28, 2013

Dog Off-leash Area - Lyne Road Reserve

Received today from Hornsby Shire Council:
Thankyou for your response to the August 2013 mailout, where Council sought additional feedback on the prospect of permitting off-leash dog exercise in the Lyne Road Reserve,Cheltenham.
This letter is to confirm that Council will proceed to permit off-leash exercise of pet dogs within Lyne Road Reserve.  The submissions received conclude that many residents in the vicinity of the reserve are happy with the decision and / or accepting of the continued use of the reserve in this way, a few are of the view that a fenced enclosure would be acceptable and a minority outright oppose dogs off-leash in the reserve.
There were concerns raised about incidents involving animals off-lead that were not under effective control and issues around litter being left in the park.  Council reiterates that it is the responsibility of owners to keep dogs on a leash if they are unable to effectively bring the animal to respond to voice or other commands.  It is also incumbent upon owners to clean up after their pets and to respect other park users who may not like dogs and / or are intimidated by dogs, especially small children who may be scared even by a small, boisterous, happy dog.
Council will ensure that appropriate signage is installed in the park outlining responsibilities and will provide an additional waste bin in the reserve for the proper disposal of dog litter. Minor works may be performed to improve surfaces at some seating areas and around the bubbler point.  A new bubbler with a dog drinking bowl will be installed.
Council will continue to observe the use of Lyne Road Reserve over the coming months to ascertain any negative impacts as a result of this decision.
You are welcome to contact me on 9847 6854 or email should you have any further enquiries regarding this matter.

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