Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just one of the letters sent to council!

To:  All Members of Hornsby Council

As a long term Beecroft resident of more than 35 years, we wish to express our strong and absolute opposition to the proposed development at Hannah St / Copeland Rd Development DA/1305/2011.
It is with shock and dismay that we became aware of the plans for the site and appeal in the strongest terms for re-consideration and/or rejection of approval as wholly unsuitable and out of character to the surrounding properties and the character of Beecroft as a whole. 

Whilst we appreciate the need for accommodating population growth and a somewhat denser residency, something that has been occurring in Beecroft already for years by subdividing and battle-axing existing properties, it is quite another matter to systematically destroy the Beecroft environment and its unique beauty for the sake of $-growth.  It is time that developers be at least somewhat curtailed in their relentless effort for profit at the expense of the surrounds of all and everything. 

We also appeal to the Council’s values and appreciation as to the kind of legacy they wish to leave for generations to follow and whether they wish to be remembered as having permitted and supported the destruction of a once beautiful suburb and its increasingly rare village character that its residents chose for those very reasons. 

Why does everything that is worthwhile as a living environment have to be sacrificed to the almighty dollar ($$’s) and all-encompassing greed of developers who clearly care nothing about the environment when much better options of design and use of space are available and perfectly achievable? 

A development of a 2-storey village design character would in our opinion be acceptable and suitable for that site – no more than that!

For your serious and conscientious consideration.

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