Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RTA responds to BCCT Survey

It's not known how much influence the BCCT survey on the Murray Farm Road bridge over the M2 had with the RTA, but it is pleasing to see they have announced in their latest bulletin to locals that they intend to implement the policy that the survey respondents overwhelmingly supported - the bridge will be kept in single lane operation during weekdays, with alternate direction traffic light control. 

The RTA state that, necessarily, the bridge will sometimes have to be closed, but this will be some night or weekend closures.  Hopefully those closures will hasten completion of the bridge so all restrictions can be removed significantly more quickly than presently forecast! 

Weight restrictions preventing buses from crossing the bridge will be enforced at one stage of the widening activity, currently planned for April 2012 through to October 2012.  During that period the 553 bus service will have to be re-routed.

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