Sunday, February 20, 2011

M2 Vegetation Clearance, Chilworth Recreation Reserve

A very concerned local resident sent this to the BCCT after a meeting held recently by the M2 Widening Project:

"When I went to the meeting last Friday about vegetation clearing it appeared that they are still making up their mind about what they will do for access. While it seems definite that they will use the original access by the golf course for incoming vehicles there now seems doubt that they will come in or leave at Allerton Road.
"They may try to build a ramp for vehicles to leave the site on the southern side of the M2 back onto Orchard Road where the detention ponds are and not on the footpath they use now.
Mark Hood from Hornsby Council has said that Council is not happy for them to use the footpath and there is also Council land involved if they came in from Allerton Road.
"The Allerton Road option would be a real loss because it would involve the clearing of a swathe of bushland which is in good condition just for a temporary access. It seems very unsatisfactory to me that consent has been given for this project without actually looking at conditions on the ground despite concerns expressed in submissions.
"Also Council are saying they are unaware that the M2 currently use the footpath off Orchard Road as access, something I am somewhat incredulous about as I know it has been a problem that trucks use that track for other bushcarers and residents in that area as well as myself since the M2 opened. It has been the only access available for anyone doing work in that area be it Council, the Water or Electricity authorities or the M2.
"I am hopeful that the Allerton Road option will not go ahead but will have to wait and see."

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