Thursday, December 10, 2015

Residents don't want the "Disney Harbour" Bridge

The secretary received a long letter blasting the whole justification for the new Beecroft Foot Bridge now being built behind the Community Hall.
He asks if it is too late to stop the lunacy, but sadly we fear it is. It's even impossible to find who wants it, all we know is the identity of the company contracted to build it. The Trust, and many others, have tried to protest but it's impossible. Those in the Trust who know about such things just say "It's a political thing, nothing to do with residents' needs or wishes."
This correspondent is elderly and partially disabled, and states that he would much prefer to take his chances crossing Beecroft Road at the lights, where there are normally people around to help and protect him if he gets into trouble. He would never go up in the lift after dark because that would place himself at risk of muggers hiding up there, or following him up into the bridge, where they could rob him at leisure and run away long before any police arrived.
I am sure RMS will explain that there will be CCTV cameras in the bridge walkway, but any competent crim would spray paint over the lenses of the cameras before attacking a helpless old man. Will the police respond every time the CCTV cameras go black?
The author of the letter also admits he dreads the thought of trying to cross the bridge against "hordes of children rushing in the opposite direction".
So thank you, Concerned Citizen of Beecroft, all we can say is that we fought hard either to stop the bridge or to get an explanation of why the politicians thought it was necessary. Both efforts failed.

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