Tuesday, June 2, 2015


There is a Development Application before Council for the Byles Creek bushland off Malton Rd, between Beecroft and Pennant Hills.  More applications are pending and between them, the majority of the bushland in lower Byles Creek will be destroyed.  This is land that the local community has been fighting to protect since the 1960s!
Thanks to tremendous Community pressure, Council has now approached the NSW State Govt to acquire threatened portions of Byles Creek Valley and protect it in perpetuity.  Our Beecroft and Cheltenham Civic Trust and the Byles Creek Valley Union have also forwarded experts’ reports supporting their written submission to acquire and rezone this land as public space.
We now need you, your neighbours and your friends to bombard the State Govt with emails, calling on them to protect this unique old growth forest, home to a critically endangered population of Gang-gang Cockatoos, threatened Powerful Owls plus many other threatened species who call this valley home.
We have a newly elected Government.  Let them know you also demand this land be acquired and protected for now and forever.  But time is short!  Council has only given us a small window in which to act.
The Hon Mark Speakman, Minister for the Environment Heritage & Assistant Minister for Planning:       cronulla@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Copy to Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning office@stokes.minister.nsw.gov.au
Please also sign our online petition. Follow the links to Byles Creek Valley at http://www.2119.org.au

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