Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Byles Creek Valley Under Threat

There is a development proposal before Hornsby Shire Council to subdivide one lot at the vacant land of 79-87 Malton Road into five residential lots.  Google shows this land to be covered in magnificent trees, and it must be assumed that most of these trees will go as a direct result of the development, and any that survive the development will be at risk of being taken out by the new landlords under the 10/50 rule, where landowners can cut down trees close to the finished properties.
Here is one magnificent tree being felled under that rule early February about a hundred yards from the entry to Byles Creek.
The nearby Byles Creek bushland is a breeding ground for the magnificent Powerful Owl, and home to the last known Sydney population of the Gang Gang Cockatoo.
For those not familiar with the delightful Byles Creek track walk, you enter from the playground park at the end of Malton Road just after the 79-87 Malton block.  The walk comes out near Ahimsa and Day Road.  Enjoy it now before the developers destroy it!

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  1. BirdLife Southern NSW Are Interested to see where we can assist with this issue, whether it is preparing a letter of support etc. Please email us directly at conservation.birdlifesnsw@gmail.com