Tuesday, April 15, 2014

88 Malton Road DA 924/2013

After a very long meeting, Council voted 9 to nil to reject the application.  This letter to the council from one concerned family is worth quoting in full.

Dear Mr Farrington,
We would like to firstly thank you for making the Lahood letter public and therefore open for discussion even though it was not entered into the DA. This at least allowed us to be sure we could refer to it knowing that after we had all spoken, the applicants would certainly be doing so.
Secondly, we would like to thank you and all of those involved in the Report submitted by Council in the Business Papers. We did thank everyone on the night for their diligence with this matter but we would like you to reinforce our thanks and appreciation for a job well done to all involved.
Thank you also to you for your obvious extensive knowledge of the matter on Wednesday night. We were very impressed with the amount of time you must have spent becoming familiar with the Reports and submissions of which we know there were many and they were involved.
We do realise this is probably only the first of many battles for the preservation of the trees and endangered wildlife in this very unique part of Sydney but for now the trees and their furry and feathered inhabitants and visitors can sleep soundly. If ever you wish to come and see what it is we are all fighting so very hard to preserve for ongoing generations, you are most welcome anytime– I will put the kettle on and you can listen to and watch our forests at work.
Thank you very much

The applicant has lodged a Class 1 Appeal in the Land and Environment Court.

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