Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DA1305 - 51 flats above Copeland Road

The JRPP hearing into the Uniting Care application to build blocks of five storey flats between Hannah Street and Copeland Road was attended by some 120 concerned residents all visibly and audibly opposed to the proposal.  Speakers against the proposal went first, which seems to give the developer an unfair advantage.  Anything we said he can refute without challenge.  Like, the developer's spokesperson said the five storey flats are "in character" with the single storey cottages in front and behind.  The panel appears to have accepted this despite everyone else including 250 respondents, Hornsby Shire Council, Greg Smith, and Michael Hutchense, and common sense, all saying it isn't.
Anyway the Panel's ruling was deferred, while some minor adjustments are made to the plans.  Their minutes of the meeting are at:
Summarising, the panel says:
"Whilst the Panel's view is that the application is not approvable in its current form, it may, with amendments be capable of addressing the unsatisfactory planning design issues."

So what happens now?
"The Panel will defer the determination to allow the applicant to amend the application, should it choose to do so, by submitting plans within one month which address the above issues and will make a determination upon receipt of these plans once assessed by council."

In other words, no further public scrutiny of the plan!

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