Monday, January 10, 2011

Chilworth Reserve

Residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham are enquiring about the M2 Project's plans for the Chilworth recreation reserve.  It is known that the project intends to have a construction camp under the western end of the M2 viaducts over the reserve, and it now seems certain that access into this park will be by the original construction path between the motorway and the golf course.  The uncertainty relates to how construction traffic will leave the camp.  It now seems certain that the existing path out to Orchard Road will be used.  This track was just a footpath, but project 4WD traffic has already turned it into a full bush roadway.  The only remaining concern apparently is the stand of blue gum trees lining that path.  Obviously residents are concerned to know if a full paved road will be built, and if so will it be removed on completion of the work.
The trust is seeking answers to this and other questions affecting local residents.

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